The UNCONGEO project aims at developing a comprehensive understanding of the association of geothermal hot aquifer systems with hydrocarbon occurrence in the Swiss Plateau subsurface;evaluate th e risk of hydrocarbon occurrence in areas where geothermal projects may develop in future and continue to deliver a first unbiased assessment of the amount, types and location of geothermal and hydrocarbon resources over time in the Swiss Plateau.


In this project, modern analytical methods and state-of-the-art petroleum industry modelling technology applied to existing deep seismic lines and borehole material collected over the last 50 years in the Swiss region will be used. The above will result in an unprecedented overview of hydrocarbon systems and their geothermal counterparts (the thermal history of the basin, hydrocarbon source rock maturation, reservoir distribution and trapping mechanisms) across the entire Swiss Molasse Plateau.


This project will deliver a unbiased and independent geo-resource occurrence maps of the Swiss Molasse Plateau which will represent a fundamental document which will help to address the following crucial questions:
  • Geo-energy potential

    What types of geo-energy resource systems are active in the Swiss Plateau?

  • Hydrocarbon hazard

    Are there accumulations of hydrocarbons that might encumber the development of Swiss geothermal energy?

  • Geothermal development

    Are there correlations between the two geo-resources and how might the development of geothermal energy resources be influenced and affected?

Project Partners

University of Geneva

GE-RGBA group

The flagship research projects the GE-RGBA is actively involved on, concern the integrated subsurface studies supporting the deep geothermal & hydrothermal exploration and CO2 storage evaluation potential of the Swiss Plateau.


Swiss Federal Office of Energy

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) is the country's competence centre for issues relating to energy supply and energy use at the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC).


Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

The Swiss Geological Survey provides access to geological data and 3D models of the underground. It coordinates geological activities in Switzerland and provides advice on geo-energy projects and subsurface construction projects.

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